Can The Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Harm You

Scott November 8, 2018 0

Your Remedy for Serious Medicine! In this episode we discuss all the controversial health problems that Aspartame can cause.  Unfortunately for the uneducated, yes, there are some harmful metabolites in aspartame, but you would have to drink so much of it, if you applied the same safety margins to water, water would kill you before the aspartame began causing any issues.  Oh, by the way, the same things in aspartame are already in countless other foods and drinks we take in.  Sit back and enjoy the education on this very polarizing topic, and hopefully you’ll laugh a little as well.  Remember, we are not doctors. More importantly we are not your doctor.  Please do not take anything we say as medical advice or treatment.  We are simply here to give you our insight into countless medical issues that are popular today.

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